Supporting Others Through Difficult Times


The Bible does say “Be quick to listen and slow to speak” (James 1:19). I have personally expanded that verse to mean, “Be completely alive, focused with all your senses when listening, and be very patient, take it all in to reflect before you speak”.


This is a tricky one, but please don’t be clichéd. Don’t say you know how they feel if you don’t. And even if you’ve experienced a similar situation, still give room to understand the uniqueness of the person’s situation. If you cannot say anything helpful- or if you’re not sure your advice would be soothing, then hold your peace. Sometimes, we must accept that nothing we say can be comforting enough.


This part requires long-term commitment, to the extent you can humanly give without burning yourself out. Reiterate your commitment to them; no one wants to go through a difficult situation alone, no matter how “macho” they are. As often as you remember, pray for them too, but from a place of care rather than dutifulness. Also pray that God will equip you, their caregiver with all wisdom, patience, strength, and love, to walk with them through the difficult time.

Author’s Note: These “Perspectives”- short posts where I talk about something or the other, they’re concise tips I have personally found helpful or adopted in these matters, which I thought to share.



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